Emacs settings to use with http://p3rl.org

To use the http://p3rl.org site directly from emacs, in a similar manner as http://php.net is used, add the following Lisp code to your Emacs settings (.emacs file):

(defcustom perl-search-url "http://p3rl.org/"
  "URL at which to search for documentation on a word"
  :type 'string
  :group 'perl)

(defun jj-perl-search-documentation ()
  "Search Perl documentation for the word at the point."
  (browse-url (concat perl-search-url (current-word t))))

(global-set-key "\C-c\C-f"  'jj-perl-search-documentation)

( You can of course bind to any key of your liking.)

Place the point ("cursor") on or directly after a Perl function, or any word, and type "C-c C-f".

Copyleft 2009 Hermen Lesscher, proudly based upon php-mode.el